Modeling of Bulk Crystal Growth

For the modeling and analysis of bulk crystal growth STR offers two software packages: VR software for modeling of the growth from the vapor phase and CGSim software for modeling of the growth from the melt and solution. Among general capabilities, software can be used for detailed heat transfer modeling including radiant heat in semi-transparent crystals, simulation of gas and melt flow, crystal shape evolution, dislocation density and residual stress during the growth and cooling. Description of additional process-specific features can be found at the pages dedicated to individual growth techniques, see the list below.   

Benefits of Modeling in the Growth of Bulk Crystals

Growth of bulk crystals is notorious for being very time consuming, is usually associated with high or extremely high temperatures and is notoriously complicated for non-disruptive in situ monitoring. These characteristics dictate some specific benefits of modeling:

  • Expedites R&D process. Different scenarios can be computed simultaneously
  • No costs and waiting period associated with ordering new furnace parts for testing HW modifications
  • Eliminates material and energy costs of testing proposed modifications
  • Modeling is a way to safely and practically instantly test multiple ideas
  • You can try concepts that are tricky to implement
  • Investigate contribution of specific factors/forces by switching them on and off in simulations
  • Get virtual monitoring: data on all physical variables used in modeling is readily accessible. Example – you can monitor melt velocities or temperature at any point of hot zone.