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Effects of electron and optical confinement on performance of UV laser diodes
K.A. Bulashevich, M.S. Ramm, and S.Yu. Karpov
phys. stat. solidi (c) 6, No 2, 603–606 (2009) / DOI 10.1002/pssc.200880405 (13)
Using simulations accounting for birefringence of III-nitride materials, we studied the laser diodes emitting light at 360-380 nm, which was controlled by adjusting the InGaN composition in the multiplequantum well active region. Both electron and optical confinement in the LD heterostructures are found to depend strongly on the quantum well composition and affect remarkably the threshold current of the diodes. In particular, the electron leakage from the active region becomes considerable at low InN contents in the quantum wells. The waveguide mode penetration beyond the nominal waveguide layers results in remarkable variation of the optical confinement factor with the emission wavelength and switching between different lateral modes. The above effects provide explanation of the observed three-fold increase in the threshold current density of the LDs upon small changes of the quantum well composition.
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