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Process optimisation of MOVPE growth by numerical modelling of transport phenomena including thermal radiation
T. Bergunde, M. Dauelsberg, L. Kadinski, Yu.N. Makarov, V.S. Yuferev, D. Schmitz, G. Strauch, H. Jurgensen
Journal of Crystal Growth 180 (1997) 660-669 (02)
A global transport model for the MOVPE of III-V growth based on the finite volume solution of coupled flow, heat and mass transfer, including detailed radiative transfer, multicomponent diffusion and homogeneous chemical reactions, is presented. For radiative transfer modeling, a combined approach is used of grey-diffuse view-factor based heat flux exchange between semi-transparent reactor walls through the transparent interior, and a spherical harmonics approximation for the radiative-conductive heat transfer problem in participating massive quartz elements with complex shapes. The described modeling approach is applied to the horizontal multiwafer radial flow Planetary ReactorTM, validated experimentally and used for process improvements. The mutual interaction of changing radiation properties at internal solid boundaries due to semiconductor coatings and thermal behavior in that particular MOVPE reactor is discussed.
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