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Heat transfer and mass transport in multiwafer MOVPE reactor: Modelling and experimental studies
T. Bergunde, M. Dauelsberg, L. Kadinski, Yu.N. Makarov, M. Weyers, D. Schmitz, G. Strauch
Journal of Crystal Growth 170 (1997) 66-71 (24)
An improved detailed model for the calculation of the temperature distribution in a multiwafer Planetary Reactor TM has been developed. The temperature field of the reactor has been calculated in dependence of the reactor parameters for (Al, Ga) As growth as well as on the kind and the thickness of the wall and susceptor deposits. The amount of parasitic wall deposits can be minimized by a proper tuning of the reactor temperature distribution. Calculated GaAs growth rate profiles on 3 inch wafers show a strong dependence on the temperature field in the reactor and the amount of parasitic deposits. These predicted relationships have been used to optimize the reactor temperature distribution in order to minimize parasitic wall depositions. By this procedure a growth rate uniformity of < 1 % on 3 inch wafers can be reproducibly achieved.
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