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Nitride Edition for modeling of MOVPE of GaN-, InN- and AlN-based materials

CVDSim 3D software is released for modeling of III-Nitride MOVPE in TurboDisc K465i reactor by Veeco. The main purpose of the tool is the optimization of the thickness/composition uniformity via the adjustment of the process parameters. Additional information is available upon request

CVDSim™ Nitride Edition is a specialty software for modeling of metal organic vapor phase epitaxy (MOVPE) of group III nitride layers in industrial reactors. The models implemented cover the MOVPE growth of GaN, AlN, AlGaN and InGaN epitaxial layers from the standard precursors (TMAl, TMGa/TEGa, TMIn) and ammonia in H2/N2 carrier gases. The tool has two implementations: stand alone version for epi-engineers with limited/no modeling experience and add-on to CFD-ACE+ package that can be used by simulation teams at customer companies/universities.

CVDSim™ Nitride Edition provides simulation of the following phenomena:

  • Gas-phase nanoparticle formation, growth and transport during GaN MOVPE (parasitic reactions)
  • Gas-phase nanoparticle formation, growth and transport during AlN and AlGaN MOVPE (parasitic reactions)
  • Gas-phase nanoparticle formation, growth and transport during InGaN MOVPE (parasitic reactions)
  • Growth of GaN, AlN, AlGaN and InGaN (growth rate and alloy composition prediction)
  • Low-temperature parasitic condensation of reaction products.
  • The basic transport phenomena and gas-phase chemistry are modeled using the CFD-ACE+ code whereas the advanced nanoparticle and surface chemistry models are implemented and supported by STR.

Application Examples

Example 1 Growth conditions and surface morphology of AlN MOVPE

Example 2 Effect of metallic surface coverage on material quality in III-nitride MOVPE

Example 3 Influence of the reactor inlet configuration on the AlGaN growth efficiency (reactor AIX 200/4 RF-S)


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