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"For several years, the crystal growth laboratory at Stony Brook University (LIXTALAB) has used STR’s Virtual Reactor software to assist the development of novel wide band-gap (WBG) semiconductors crystal growth technologies. Despite of the large selection of available software packages for numerical modeling of transport phenomena, Virtual Reactor is our choice because it has been developed by scientist and engineers who deeply understand the precise needs involved in designing highly-complex, vapor growth systems for WBG semiconductors. In addition, Virtual reactor is an ideal numerical platform to quickly engage undergraduate and graduate students with no previous hands-on modeling experience into sophisticated crystal growth system design activities. This is possible due to the unique combination of an extremely friendly, intuitive graphic user interface and its specific design for vapor growth of wide-bandgap semiconductors, including a very extensive built-in library with thermophysical properties of materials commonly used in WBG semiconductors vapor growth systems."

  • - Carlos Rojo, Assistant Professor
    Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Stony Brook University (LIXTALAB), USA


"We are satisfied with using your simulation tool. We started to grow SiC crystal and made a lot of improvement in crystal quality with support of simulation result calculated by the Virtual Reactor."

  • - Won-Jae Lee, Ph.D, Assistant Professor
    Dept. of Information Materials Eng., Dong-Eui University, Korea


"The present research was aimed to systematically investigate the dependence of SiC crystal quality and yield during PVT growth on the crucible and insulation felt design. Before the actual experiment, we carried out simulations using a specialized software tool with automatic geometry modification, the so-called “Virtual Reactor” because the experimental optimization of the growth process for this method normally takes much time and effort. According to simulation result, we prepared SiC crystal using sublimation PVT technique and then systematically investigated the SiC crystal quality with different SiC boules shape that was controlled by modification of crucible and insulation felt design."

  • - Jung-Gyu Kim, Kap-Ryeol Ku, Dong-Jin Kim, Sang-Phil Kim, Won-Jae Lee, Byoung-Chul Shin, Geun-Hyoung Lee, and Il-Soo Kim
    "SiC Crystal Growth by Sublimation Method with Modification of Crucible and Insulation Felt Design", Materials Science Forum Vols. 483-485 (2005) pp. 47-52, online at


"I am not quite familar with simulation and can only use your code as it is. The results are very helpful for me on the understanding of SiC growth process. It helps me to understand functions of all critical parts on the thermal field. This is a good tool for SiC growth."

  • - Dr. Xiangang Xu
    Shandong University, China


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