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Solver version 1.4, GUI version 1.4. December 2008

Major New Features

  1. Computational analysis of porous structure formation (popcorn) is available since this version. Popcorn appearance or non-appearance can be revealed for any conditions and for any moments of the deposition process. A manual tuning of this function is also possible.
  2. The process of STC conversion to TCS in a chamber equipped by heating elements, a screen, and input/output gas heat exchanger can be computed and studied. TCS output and heat inputs are determined.
  3. Possibility to write the computed data to general data formats is introduced into the program.

Corrected Problems

  1. Kinetic parameters of HCl were corrected to calculate more accurately HCl transport at the rod surface.
  2. Set of the volume reactions was extended to improve computations of gas interaction at moderate temperatures
  3. Algorithm of determination of overall process characteristics is changed to provide more exact integration for small number of the computational points.


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