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22.06.2016    STR Group has released the Crystal Growth Simulator CGSim 16.1.
STR Group has released the Crystal Growth Simulator CGSim 16.1. Wide number of new options is offered. Steady and unsteady modeling of initial defect formation, points defect evolution and clusterization of precipitates is offered to users in frame of the steady solver and Cz Dynamics module. Computations of view factors in unsteady simulation is accelerated. Advanced chemical model of Si growth is extended. Serial creation of crystal positions helps users who perform modeling of Cz growth. Loading time of the dcr-files is significantly reduced. Minor improvements of stability of the solver and the solver GUI are implemented.
2015.11.13   STREEM-AlGaN Edition version 1.2 has been released
The major modification includes the improvement in the modeling of dislocation nucleation.
STREEM-AlGaN is a specialized software tool for self-consistent modeling of the evolution of stress and bow, as well as dislocation dynamics during the growth and cooling of (0001) III-Nitride heterostructures by MOCVD on silicon and sapphire wafers
2015.11.05   STREEM-InGaN Edition version 2.0 has been released
The principal changes in version 2.0 are:
- AlInGaN layers can now be considered in the active region
- annihilation of threading dislocations is considered
STREEM-InGaN is a specialized software tool for modeling the characteristics of (0001) III-Nitride device heterostructures grown by MOCVD with the account of indium surface segregation and stress relaxation. The software is aimed at understanding and control of the structure properties by adjusting the process recipe.
2015.09.30    STR Group has released the Crystal Growth Simulator CGSim 15.3.
STR Group has released the Crystal Growth Simulator CGSim 15.3. A number of new options is offered. In particular, features available for modeling of dislocations are extended; advanced chemical model of SiC growth from solution is revised and extended. Minor improvements of stability of the solver and the solver GUI are implemented. Configuration of solver GUI and Defects Module GUI is slightly revised.
2015.09.01   Virtual Reactor version 7.4 has been released

The key modifications include the two-waveband semi-transparency model, improvement of the boundary shifting algorithm in VR-PVT SiC, and improvement of the convergence stability in VR-NE, VR-III-V and VR-CVD SiC editions.
2015.04.29   STR Group has released the Crystal Growth Simulator CGSim 15.2.
STR Group has released the Crystal Growth Simulator CGSim 15.2. A variety of new options is offered; in particular, chemical models for growth of SiC and GaN from solution have been recently implemented. New settings of the solver interface and graphical user interface provide users more flexibility. Solver stability is improved and a few minor bugs are fixed.
2015.01.19   SiLENSe 5.8 has been released

SiLENSe Version 5.8 & Version 5.8 Laser Edition have been released. New options are listed below:
  • Import of the simulation results for the layer composition and relaxation obtained by STR STREEM InGaN software.
  • Spatial variation of layer composition can now be specified as a custom function of the position.
  • Generation of the computational grid is considerably changed and more options for control of the grid is available for users.
  • Pause/continue button is added to the solver control window.
  • A number of minor errors has been fixed, while non of them provide wrong simulation results.
2014.09.29   STR Group announces a new release CGSim 15.1
CGSim 15.1 provides users a unique opportunity to calculate unsteady crystal growth processes, from furnace heating up to cooling down, within a single computation. Such computations can be performed for multiple processes and materials. These computations are supported by new functions, which include specification of time dependent gas flow rate, pressure, material properties, and possibility to change heater control algorithm (direct to inverse and back) within a single computation. more...
2013.09.17   CGSim 14.1 has been released
CGSim 14.1 has been released. New version contains a number of updates and added capabilities, including continuous modeling of stress relaxation and dislocation evolution during both crystallization and cooling stages. more...
2013.01.30   SiLENSe 5.4 has been released
SiLENSe Version 5.4 & Version 5.4 Laser Edition have been released. Redesigned interface for working with material properties enables specification of the flexible user-defined functional or tabulated dependencies on the temperature, alloy composition, and wavelength. Another new option is simulation of PL experiment with resonant excitation. more...
2012.07.05   CGSim 12.1 has been released
STR Group has launched a new release of crystal growth simulation software: CGSim 12.1. Designed for crystal growth optimization, CGSim software has extended its modeling capabilities for more accurate and fast optimization of crystal growth processes. The major improvements have been implemented in modeling of electromagnetic effects, species transport coupled with time and temperature dependent species deposition, thermal stresses and dislocations. more...


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